Be a Part

What is DOT US?

It is a group of people within the Service Industry in the United States of America.  At its core, it is a place where people can come to be heard, to have a voice and to contribute to the industry in a limitless number of ways.

A Voice for the Voiceless

The industry itself is a family. It’s the last industry where you can close a deal with a handshake and a hug.

But our industry is in upheaval right now, as millions of people are out of work, hours reduced and/or displaced in some other way.  The world as we knew it is no longer there.  That’s why we launched DOT US right now.

    • According to the National Restaurant Association more than 3,000,000 restaurant employees are currently laid off.  In an industry of 15,600,000 people that’s roughly 20% laid off and nearly ⅔ of those not laid off are these their hours reduced.
    • We are all pivoting.  Whether its trying to figure out carryout and delivery. We’re juggling child care, managing life with less.  Dealing with unemployment agencies, seeking the next good meal.
    • COVID-19 virus has forced governors to close all public places, including  restaurants, bars and hotel dining rooms and bars.  Along with that, roughly 40% of the restaurants closed.  The rest of them are left with huge double-digit losses and skeleton crews, often navigating new carryout and delivery processes.
    • Even in good times, opening a restaurant is an extremely risky financial proposition.  The margins are extremely thin, with restaurants making pennies on the dollar for every plate sold. We are not pandemic proof or recession proof.

What we are is a group of seasoned professionals in the restaurant industry and we are banding together to finally show the world how special, hard working, and limitless the people of the Restaurant Industry are.

When we come together, we can effect change. Together we can build a community of hospitality industry workers who are no longer silent.  It is time for the people to have a voice.