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Cary Miller

My Opinion About TheServiceIndustry.US

“I feel this website could be a great resource for the food industry and help everyone including the unsung heroes of our industry, including small restaurant owners, local chains, chef entrepreneurs and those individuals with a burning desire to serve others. By strengthening the voice of those in our industry we will help support and foster the livelihoods of those currently in the business and those who enter our industry every day. With the food industry being one of the Country’s largest private sector employers, we have no choice but to flex our muscle and power to protect our interests. I feel that TheServiceIndustry.US website and organization could become a major force supporting its members and other associations to protect the interests of our industry and the people who make it great”.

Cary Miller - Vice President, Food Industry News

Cary has been working in the food, hospitality, catering and restaurant industry since 1978. Now entering my 31st year of service at Food Industry News, my goals remain steadfast in helping suppliers connect with our 65.000 readers who are local and national independent and chain foodservice, institutional and retail grocery business owners. And because one of my personal missions is to serve, I accept the responsibility of working with clients on a daily basis and doing everything I can to support them, to assist in achieve their goals while helping those on the front lines of our industry to prosper.

Mai Giffard - Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

I love my industry and try to do all I can to contribute to and help improve it.  This crisis signifies a huge shift and will change the way all food establishments operate, and will continue to impact the lives of our communities. It’s so important that we unite in solidarity to advocate for change, provide support and resources, raise awareness, and to truly embrace our commitment to hospitality by extending our help to each other and continue to foster community. It’s great to have all of these things in one place created by a community of such passionate food industry professionals.

Ryan Marks - Chicago

I started at Taco Bell when I was 14, 24 years ago. I have worked every position in the industry and never had a job outside of it. I own 3 restaurants in Chicago and 2 were under a year old, one just a month, when COVID crisis hit. I have never had to lay off people and in a matter of 24 hours, I laid off 183 people. We are positioning ourselves the best as possible to come back strong. Unfortunately, the legislation and lending options available are not written correctly for restaurants, so they are not much help.

Nicolas Quintero - Charleston, SC

I’ve been attracted to the service industry since I was a kid, I’ve never wanted to do anything else besides cook. But it wasn’t until I worked side by side with the amazing people that make up our industry that I truly found my love for it. The friendships, the passion, the collective goal to provide an unforgettable meal is truly unique. We support our communities as much as possible, because it’s our responsibility to help those who make our dream come true. With the current situation it’s hard to imagine what the industry is going to look when the dust settles. But I will be here.

Paul Hadfield - Hadfield Group

I’ve been helping restaurants for almost 20 years and have had an opportunity to sit across the table from thousands of operators helping them grow their businesses. The hospitality industry enriches their local communities and it’s amazing to play a small part in that.

Jeanette Tran - Smyth

I moved here from Edmonton, Alberta to pursue a career in cooking. I’ve worked at Grace, Next, Oriole, and now Smyth. My goal this year was to push our team to attain the coveted 3 stars.
All my aspirations and goals now are put on the back burner. Now as a team, we need to find avenues to find revenue so that our employees can have their jobs back, in a safe manor. I have a small tight knit kitchen family, I want them to have a job that pays their rent and take measures to ensure their safety. We have to navigate in a whole new world. Fine dining has halted but the push hasn’t stopped.

@JenetyxTran on Instagram

Matt Kohl - Pacific Standard Time

I’ve been working in restaurants and bars for as long as I could work. I’ve learned so much about the world, others, and myself by doing so. Hospitality provides so much to so many people, and brings us all together as people. There’s nothing quite like the work that we do, and I’m ecstatic to be a part of it.

instagram – @better_than_nudes

Josephine Proul - Local 111/cubfood

Well now it’s been 8 weeks. Iam the chef and owner of a small restaurant , local111 , in an even smaller town in upstate New York. Right now we survive on Friday night heat and eat orders and Tuesday hotties pick ups. I’ve also just decided to head to our food truck at night across the street from the restaurant. As to not saturate my other days / offerings. I’ve decided to take on Monday – Wednesday night in the truck along with an employee.  As of right now Monday and Tuesday it is common that places aren’t open so hoping this next move will provide enough momentum to open other evenings.


Jason Regas - Spectrum Insurance Group

We work with the restaurant/hospitality industry, and specialize in lowering the cost of Employee Benefits, among other things. We have personally worked with groups in the industry for 10+ years, and the one voice that is typically not heard is the voice of the individual worker. There are associations that do a great service to the industry, but the workers typically don’t have their own voice. Because of our interactions with individual workers in the industry to address their Employee Benefit concerns, I believe an association like this is long overdue.

Ben Tyson - Chef, Audrey (Nashville)

I am a part of The Service Industry.US because I have worked in many restaurants all over the country and have witnessed the relationships and community that develop from them. The restaurant industry is unique. We are here not only following our passion but to nourish, and provide for our friends, family and communities.  This crisis will fundamentally change this industry forever and we must come together to form a coalition of like-minded service professionals of every level, to form a collective voice and advocate for positive change in our industry.

Daniel Pepperman - 1640 Hart House

I have always loved working in a challenging fast paced environment. Whether it be banging out 100 pizzas in an hour or spending 2 days making 8 lamb shanks. The food industry has always intrigued me because I love to eat and I love to learn. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside family, friends, and seasoned vets who I have learned great skills and patience from. I started my career in a pizza shop 18 years ago and worked my way up to “elegant country dining” for the past 4 years.

Janon Bourgeois - Walnut Grove Cookery

I am a Chef (here in France, that means BOSS!😊) & culinary instructor. I have worked in restaurants, as a butcher, owned a cafe & a successful catering company in Portland, Oregon. I’m also a proud graduate Oregon Culinary Institute.

By magical and divine chance, I’m now Head Chef at an English speaking vacation cooking school and B&B in the Loire Valley of France. It is all my dreams come true. My family & I live on-site in a centuries old farmhouse (B&B) and barn (renovated as a professional kitchen downstairs & our living space above).

Due to Covid-19, our first season was cancelled.

Bridger Fedor - Gibsons Italia / @tsidotus

I am only 22, but since my first job as an Ice Cream Scooper at 15 I have worked a multitude of positions in the restaurant and bar industry. I am currently a Host at Gibsons Italia and a humble intern for! I am enthralled by the opportunity to work on this project and help out this community which I love and support.

Chad Burstein - Chicago, Illinois

I am a part of The Service Industry.US so that we can come together to better adapt to this new normal. I’ve spent almost fifteen years in the industry working both front and back of house roles. In this new climate, I’m seeking to understand how the pandemic will fundamentally change what goes into running a successful restaurant, and how we will newly define “hospitality.” I believe we all fell in love with the same things about this business, and I’m feeling thankful that those things will forever remain the core of our business.

Eric Fine - Ben Pao Chinese Restaurant & Satay Bar

I started working for Ben Pao on May 21st 1998 on what was an absolutely gorgeous morning in Chicago. I’ve worked in and of service to hundreds of restaurants in my life and am fascinated by the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant. I have been saying for years that good service makes bad food taste good and good food taste better — after all it is about the guest experience and good old fashioned hospitality. I am excited that David Silver kick-started The Service Industry and I hope it takes off really well.


Dan Koo - L.R.F. Slater Companies / South City Restaurant Group, Ocean Blue Restaurant Group, Prime Restaurant Group

I’ve been in the service industry for more than 20 years. I love this industry because I believe it’s the most demanding, draining, and rewarding there is. If you’re not truly passionate about the hospitality industry, you’re true colors will shine. There’s no room for error, there are no short cuts. You, dream a concept, you do the research, you pour your blood sweat and tears into it, and then you will be handsomely rewarded. This industry has the highest of highs and and the lowest of lows. Right now, we’re all in this low together. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. TOGETHER.

Seth Lucchesi - Chicago, IL

First of all huge props to Chef Ben Tyson for bringing this together. Its hard to find a more hard working, goodhearted person. My name is Seth Lucchesi and I am 29 years old. I’ve worked my way from Austin, TX to the west coast and back to Chicago. Throughout my career my goal was to work alongside the most talented people possible while learning as much about every aspect of food there is. At the same time, holding the true value of food close to my heart. With hope this hard time will be a blessing, bringing light to nutrition and the endless work our industry puts in to make it all happen.


Brandt Young - Founder, Equip Chicago

The world of hospitality is an amazing thing. There is nothing better to me then watching someone enjoy a service that you provided, whether that is cooking serving, pouring or cleaning there are so many levels that go into hospitality as a whole. It is a family based industry and it has been near and dear to my heart for forever. I have spent over 16 years in the industry ranging from many years working doubles to now consulting and selling into it. I have loved every aspect of this wonderful family industry and will continue for years to come.

Rebekah Carlson - Founder, Carlson Integrated

Restaurant work has been part of every aspect of my world.  From my first job as a hostess to my bartending gig after college.  From my family’s dependence on my husband’s warehouse job at a national food service distributor (I’m a broke entrepreneur) to my daughter’s first job at a local coffee shop just a few months ago.  From my earliest clients at my marketing firm to my dear friends who are chefs and dreamers.  I’ve always felt like this industry is the absolute best, because you have the rare opportunity every single day to make real people really happy.

Sam Ammari - Maui Pasta Co. AZ

I have been in the culinary industry for over 20 years growing up in New York. I have a passion for food and the kitchen culture. Even after 10 years in Support, EMS, Realestate & other ventures. I always found myself back in the kitchen. As brutal as this environment can become I have learned tolerance, patience & overcoming adversity including embracing change in the most difficult times. If your ever looking for a great dish without the fancy prices check me out @ Gainey Ranch Scottsdale Arizona or in the metropolitan Phoenix areas.

David Silver - Silver Law Firm, LLC

I’m a commercial real estate and hospitality attorney by day, a sort-of restauranteur by day and night. I’ve always loved food and beverage, despite being fired from my first job as a busser after dumping a tray of water on a table of guests. I respect and admire the folks who comprise the Industry. I’m happiest when I can help people in the Industry achieve their dreams. I’m bound at the hip with my Industry peeps to continually help them shape the Industry to assure sustainability. Let’s create the village to make the Industry thrive once again.

Corey Kaplan - Coreys NYC Bagel Deli

I’m COREY KAPLAN, the owner/founder of Coreys NYC bagel deli in Chicago. With locations on North & Sheffield for over 20 years & a location in River North- Dearborn & grand. The majority of the business is walk in and take out. We also do wholesale by selling to restaurants coffee shops and other bakers. As you can imagine during this time of the Covid pandemic, everything has changed and we are at about 25% of sales
I also would like to mention that Doordash, Grub Hub, and UberEATS are platforms that I used to really Complain about THAT NOW ARE OUR LIFE LINE ❤️

@coreysbagels INSTA. TWITTER. and Facebook

Craig Case - The Renaissance Asheville Hotel

My name is Craig Case, and I was the Executive Chef of The Renaissance Asheville Hotel in Asheville, NC. My wife Lindsey Case is a server at The Biltmore Estate and we both have been on furlough since March 20th. Our future in the restaurant industry is uncertain. We don’t know when we are going back to work….or what that might even look like. When I go back, I’m going to have to repurchase all the lost products since closing. I think we need to have a stimulus package that covers all restaurants and food service facilities in the United States. We are too small to fail. God bless.

ChefCase on Instagram

Shannon Worth - Walton

Having worked in the service industry sine moving to Chicago in 2008 I have a great appreciation for how this industry in particular has shaped Chicago into the amazing city that it is. It is a large reason we have success with our tourism and convention population. From neighborhood restaurants and bars to Michelin Starred dining destinations, we have one of the greatest food cities in the country. We have been effectively shut down since March 15 and no clear answer on when we will regain our industry. Personally, my restaurant made the difficult decision to shutter for good.