Letter to Governor Pritzker

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We are all in this together.
Like most of you, we are appalled by the ongoing restrictions placed on Illinois restaurants.
Below we have provided an attorney-drafted letter that we encourage you to send to the Governor.  We have provided a link to his Voice an Opinion form, but if you have other inroads please use them.
Peace, health, and much love,

Dear Governor Pritzker,


Thank you for taking a proactive role to limit the spread of COVID 19. The residents of Illinois including my family and staff have been very cooperative with the limitations imposed on our businesses beginning in March. Your shotgun approach closing all potential spreaders earlier this year was smart. My restaurant complied with your initial shut down orders and we reinvented our space to control the spread of the virus. We have all learned a lot since March. It is now time to dispel the shotgun tactics and instead focus on a more surgical approach. I will agree to suspend indoor operations at my restaurant if you can establish through contact tracing that my restaurant has in any way contributed to a spread of the virus. I’m certain that, through my compliance with CDC recommendations strictly enforced upon my staff and the guests of my restaurant, you will not be able to trace any cases of COVID to my operations. I will therefore remain open to 40% capacity, utilizing the rigid social distancing and mask wearing constraints and precautions that I instituted earlier this year. If, however, you have specific evidence that traces a spread to my restaurant, I will close for two weeks, and decontaminate and deep clean my space, to make sure that we don’t contribute to a further spread the virus.


I hope you understand that I’m taking these steps to help my business survive so that I can continue to employ talented people who are willing and able to work through these crazy times. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.