Chicago Hospitality United Merch

Chicago Hospitality United

Raising Funds for Local Hourly Workers

Chicago Hospitality United is a grassroots effort to raise funds for hourly hospitality workers affected by the mandated shutdown of bars and restaurants to contain COVID-19.

Wade McElroy, co-owner of Leisure Activities, along with Stock Mfg. Co-founder Tim and hospitality PR guru, Jenna Liberman, owner of Slow Down Co. partnered to form Chicago Hospitality United with a simple mission: raise as much money as we can, and distribute it to those who need it as quickly as possible.

“We know the competitive nature of the restaurant industry, the narrow margins that can make or break a business, and dependency bar and restaurant employees have on tips for their livelihood. The employees would be the most directly affected. We knew that government relief wouldn’t come quickly, and that these folks would need income asap.”

100% of proceeds go to hourly Chicago workers